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Stilletos & Combat Boots

Hello everyone this is the story of various days of my very interesting life. There will be flips and turns and complete randomness! But hey what can I say my life if highly interesting!! So enjoy!

So I thought being an Army girlfriend was hard at times but I must say, now that we are married it’s even harder. Once you have made that commitment to be married to each other, it seems that there is always a third party involved (the ARMY)!

So just an update for you guys. Josh is stationed in Italy and I’m here in Oklahoma. I moved back to Oklahoma from Georgia September 24th. Before I left Georgia I got my EFMP done on September 15th. He turned it in on September 20th. Well Josh left for training in Germany October 2 and won’t be back in Italy until October 27th.

Needless to say we have no contact what so EVER!!! It sucks being away from my husband and not being able to speak to him. From the start when we were first dating I knew what I was getting myself into but I didn’t know that I was gonna take it so hard at times. I just really miss being around him and now hearing his voice. Josh is truly my best friend, the only person who calms me down when I’m mad, the person who I can tell anything to without being judged, and most of all the person who actually listens to me.

I know that spending this time part is only making out relationship stronger but I just want to be with my husband, is that too much to ask for?? Hopefully when he gets back at the end of the month my military spouse paper work will be all final so we can officially been our lives together!

I love you Joshua Scott & I miss you more than you’ll ever know xoxo